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Welsh Chicken Taster


with turmeric & sweet potato

It can be a big decision to change foods, that’s why we’ve created these taster packs as they’re the perfect way to introduce your pawed pal to the superior taste of Nineteen 87. Inside every pack, you get 750g of Chicken food, a pack of Goat bars and Duck bites.

Why choose Nineteen 87? You’ll be treating your dog to the finest ingredients, baked and balanced for flavour and goodness! Here’s what’s on offer:

  • 50% FRESH CHICKEN, LAMB, BEEF OR FISH: Nineteen 87’s complete food provides your dog with a highly nutritious source of protein in every bowl. Plus, there’s no added meat meal or flavourings.
  • BAKED TO PERFECTION: Oven baking ensures the food is gently cooked and not subjected to typical mass produced processes. Baking, therefore, locks in the goodness of essential ingredients as well as creating real flavour and an extra crunchy texture.
  • ADDED BOTANICALS: They add tasty and nutritious plants and extracts to ensure that your dog gets much needed vitamins and minerals to keep them looking and feeling in top condition.
  • YOU BUY, NINETEEN 87 DONATES: Nineteen 87 understand the importance of family and know the family pet is a big part of that. This is why they have chosen to support Great Ormond Street Hospital charity through the Nineteen 87 range*

*Proceeds from the sale of each pack will contribute towards a donation of at least £25,000 plus VAT a year to Great Ormond Street International Promotions Limited (Registered in England with company no. 2265303), which passes its net profits by way of Gift Aid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (Registered charity no. 1160024).


Product Information

Ingredient Details

For the ingredients of the items contained this taster pack follow the links below:

Nutritional Information

For the information of the items contained this taster pack follow the links below:

Our Range

Our delicious baked range of complete pet food caters for all dogs with gentle grain free recipes or sumptuous superfood options.

Choose from Grain Free or Superfood below.

British Beef

with thyme & carrots


Welsh Chicken

with turmeric & sweet potato


Scottish Salmon

with dill & spinach


Feeding Guidelines

The recommended daily servings are for a guide only. How much you feed also depends on age, breed and level of activity. Young and growing dogs require feeding little and often (2-3 times a day) and to appetite. Ensure clean, fresh water is always available.

PUPPY WEIGHT (kg) 1 2 5 7
< 6 Months (g/day) 50 – 70 70 – 90 160 – 180 200 – 230
> 6 Months (g/day) 35 – 55 60 – 80 120 – 140 155 – 175
ADULT WEIGHT (kg) 3 5 7 10
DAILY AMOUNT (g) 50 – 65 75 – 100 95 – 125 120 – 165

From Farm to Bowl

It’s important to us to know where our food is from and in sourcing the finest ingredients for Nineteen 87 we made sure our meat and salmon came from real farms we trust and can actually visit if we want to. So, every tasty mouthful is packed full of natural, nutritious and balanced goodness, so your dog gets exactly what they need from every meal.