How to switch dog food?

“Just how do you switch dog food without my dog stopping eating? I’m trying to switch my dog’s food, but they don’t seem to like the new food, is there a way to to do this without affecting their eating?”

Graham says:

“For me this I’ve always found getting your dog to switch food is often trickier than you’d imagine it to be. Most people assume it will just be a case of putting new food down for their pet, and they’ll eat it, but in reality, that is often not the case.

Personally, I have found it takes at least two weeks or more to switch from one food to another. It needs to be a careful transition.

I buy the new food before the old one has run out then start by adding a small amount of the new then slowly increasing this while reducing the amount of the old (while maintaining the overall amount given of course!)

By doing it this way you give the dog’s digestive system and Gut Bacteria (the good bacteria that live in the lower gut) time to adjust.

This approach simply reduces the impact of the change, giving your dog and his body the time they need to adjust to the new food and the benefits it offers, rather than merely rejecting them due to unfamiliarity.

It takes a little longer than just switching one for another, but I’ve always found it to be a much better approach.”