What high-fibre foods can I feed my dog?

Graham says:

“Fibre is an essential part of a dogs diet, but can also be a delicious addition to it too.

For most dog lovers the high fibre foods of choice are cereals such as oats, rice, maize, etc. These cereals can be added to meals easily and provide a tremendous amount of fibre very quickly. However, cereals aren’t your only option.

Vegetables such as carrots are also a fantastically healthy low-fat snack alternative, and being vegetables they also contain fibre.

For those wanting to find out which dog foods are high fibre and which aren’t, it is relatively simple these days, if you know what to look for. Most foods are quite happy to tell you they’re high in fibre, but where you’re unsure you simply need to look at the label.

The level of fibre within a pet food will be labelled on the pack so if this is a nutrient you are interested in you can easily compare nutrient levels between products.

One thing to bear in mind when considering the balance of your dog’s meals is if your dog tends not to eat all its dinner (which, if complete food, will be nutritionally balanced), but will happily eat treats outside of mealtimes: cut back on the treats. This will encourage their appetite for its complete and balanced food, while also helping to improve fibre intake.”