What is crude ash in dog food?

Graham says:

“What is crude ash in dog food?” is a question I am regularly asked. Although it appears in the nutritional information, Crude Ash isn’t an ingredient as you might expect it to be.

Crude ash is simply part of the chemical nutritional profile contained in some of the other ingredients in your dog’s food. It appears on the packaging as we have to declare everything on the pack legally.

However, more importantly, and less well known is that it’s actually a useful indicator of the quality of a food. The fact that our food contains Crude Ash is really a measure of how much organic and inorganic material is within the food (so all the minerals like calcium or zinc for example).

Knowing this is important to many owners who take a detailed interest in their pet’s nutritional requirements. This is because every food material has a mineral content and therefore has an ash content, so this measurement simply helps them determine their dogs daily requirements more easily.

Minerals are of course an essential nutritional components of a dog’s food. And owners, myself included, want to know exactly what’s in their dog’s diet good or bad, so it’s vital that we include this information.”