What is ‘meal’ in dog food?

Graham says:

Meal in your dog’s food is a concentrated, dried protein powder. Typically this protein powder is made by simply rendering the moisture out of the meat.

All the meat’s water is cooked off and then the residue is baked to dry it out. This process leaves an extremely high protein, low moisture powder that can be used to give dog food a protein boost.

What you need to check when it comes to your dog is the meal’s quality. Depending on the primary ingredients, a meal’s quality can vary greatly. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything to fear.

Meal in dog foods doesn’t mean they’re inherently good or bad, as a quality meal can be extremely good for your dog. It just means you need to find out what the meal was made with and how. Knowing this will tell you if the food is right for you and your dog.