What is the highest quality dog food?

Graham says:

For me, this question is a little tricky. Many people believe that there should be a simple qualitative, indisputable answer to the question. But I don’t believe such a food exists. The reality is that the best possible food for your dog is simply any food that fulfils your dog’s nutritional needs completely. As to what that is would depend on your dog but also you and your budget, but most people (myself included) tend to find that a complete and balanced dog food fills this position best.

As to what defines the quality of the dog food that’s a personal preference. Some people want a balanced, nutritional solution to their dog’s needs, while others want things like wholly natural ingredients or a specific process like raw or baked foods.

What’s great, is that today, more than ever before, all these needs are catered for. Dog food now comes in a multitude of types from traditional kibble and wet food to raw and even a mix of fresh meat and vegetables in a complete, dry dog food (such as Nineteen 87’s slow baked foods).