Sense of Taste

Did you know dogs taste with their noses? It might sound like some awful ‘dad joke’, but it’s a fact. Because when it comes to your dog’s food preferences and their sense of taste what dogs taste with their mouths is quite limited.

Poor sense of taste, how?

The unexpected thing is a dog’s sense of taste is not all that great; it’s about a 5th as sensitive as ours (but still three times better than a cat’s!). However, their sense of smell can be up to a million times better than yours. It’s also integral to their taste, and what attracts them to food.

Kibble vs Tinned: the painful truth

Ever wondered why dogs, if given a choice, will usually opt for tinned food over kibbles?

Their choice is not because they prefer tinned food for its taste, tinned food simply has a stronger smell (sometimes coming from sugars and artificial sweeteners and flavourings) which your dog can pick up on quicker.

Tinned foods’ retention of aroma is a quirk of the cooking and airtight packaging processes involved in getting the food into a tin safely, and not necessarily related to the food’s ingredients or flavour. The tin’s airtight construction then keeps this smell sealed in for longer. While the standard process for extruded kibbles works differently and generally doesn’t manage to retain the same levels of aroma once packaged.

So if the food smells nice, or in the case of tinned food, stronger, then that’s the food dogs will go for. This the same reason they’re more interested in food when you’re opening the tin, but not so fussed when the open tin of food comes out of the fridge and why they are attracted to gross things in the park!and why they are attracted to gross things in the park.

Fridges reduce the odour as well as the temperature. Which is a problem you can quickly solve either by warming or waiting for the food to reach room temp.

Smells like an alternative

So you want your dog to eat healthily and also enjoy it? Not much to ask, or is it?

The problem is tinned food doesn’t usually offer the same benefits as kibble, but your ‘healthy’ or ‘ethical’ kibble isn’t getting their tail’s wagging. So what other options are there?

Well, you could go the raw food root, but the raw food diet isn’t for everyone, can be quite time-consuming, and not everyone can stay on top of it. For those who want a quicker and less demanding solution, it often feels like you’re only left with the extruded kibble or tinned choice. But are you?

Baked dog food perfection

Here’s where baked dog foods come in.

Kibble tends to be a mix of ingredients that have been mushed together and pushed through a machine that forms their shape and kinds of cooks them at the same time (known as extrusion). Our slow baked kibble is different.

The difference is we don’t extrude our baked dog foods. They’re a mixture of natural ingredients we slowly baked in our bakery’s ovens. The slow baking means that all the ingredients natural flavours and vitamins are kept, along with their aroma. So unlike tinned or other kibble foods, Nineteen 87 needs no artificial help to boost its flavours and aromas.

Nineteen 87 kibbles aren’t ‘dry dog foods’ in the usual sense. Our baked dog foods have more bite and are packed with enough flavour and aroma to get even the pickiest dog excited while giving them a genuinely healthy and balanced meal.

So if your dog’s taste mostly comes from his sense of smell, but you still want them to eat healthy, natural foods, our range of baked foods are a wonderfully simple and tasty option. Without the concerns or effort of other options, with more aroma than traditional kibbles, and more goodness than most of them combined. Your dog’s nose will thank you.

Why not put Nineteen 87 to the doggy sniff test by trying one of our tasty taster packs for half price with free delivery here.