Why Baked dog food?

Because baking our dry dog foods is better for the ingredients and better for your dog. The baking locks in more of the ingredients flavours and goodness. Meaning your best friend gets a filling, delicious and wholesome meal every time.


Every meal contains at least 50% fresh chicken, lamb, beef or salmon, all sourced from within the UK. We then add natural carbohydrates, vegetables and botanical vitamins and minerals and absolutely nothing else.

healthy hearts & Tummies

We’ve lovingly created two baked dog food options for you and your dog, grain free and superfood. So whether you’re looking out for your dog’s heart or tummy, we have the right meal for you.

Our delicate Grain free foods are perfect dogs who are a little more sensitive. With absolutely no wheat, maize, barley, oats, meat meal or added flavourings every mouthful is as natural and healthy as can be.

Packed full of delicious powerhouse ingredients like sweet potato, our Superfoods range of foods is perfectly balanced to ensure your dog has everything they need to live every day to it’s fullest.

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