Turmeric: Is it good for you and your dog?

Turmeric seems to be everywhere these days. People are eating it in almost everything, and when they’re not eating it, they’re drinking it (hands up if you’ve tried Golden Milk yet?). But why are people so obsessed with this wonder spice and can you put turmeric in your dog’s food?

The Spice of Life

So why is everyone so excited about turmeric? Yes, there is the taste, which is fantastic, who doesn’t love the distinctive flavour it adds to curries? And beyond that, there’s also a growing interest in North African, Middle Eastern flavours and foods driving this tasty new trend.

So why is turmeric getting most of the interest? And what’s it got to do with dogs?

Spice Boost

The interest in this spice’s particular type of tang is twofold. First, and most importantly, is its flavour. Turmeric packs a lot of punch both visually, with its burnt gold colouring, but also sensually.

It’s a bold flavour distinctive flavour that adds a real hit to so many dishes across the world. That’s why we’ve added it to all of our dog foods. Dogs are no different to their owners when it comes to food. They enjoy a tasty meal too, and we’ve found their not adverse to trying something new if it’s delicious.

And even though turmeric’s wonderful flavour is reason enough to add it to anything, that’s not the only reason so many people are getting excited about this super spice. There’s also the reported health benefits of turmeric that are helping escalate this colourful spice to superfood.

Talking Turmeric

In simple terms, there’s growing evidence that turmeric may help with things like Arthritis and Alzheimers. There are even reports that it may even benefit your heart, prevent upset stomachs and so much more. It’s exciting times for turmeric, but why is it so healthy?

The answer comes mostly in the form of one of its most active elements, Curcumin.

The Curcumin Effect

Curcumin is what gives turmeric its distinctive colour, but it’s also an anti-inflammatory. Meaning it can help reduce inflammation in the body, possibly helping reduce pain in chronic conditions like Arthritis.

Understanding of turmeric’s full range of benefits is still in the early stages, but it’s an exciting time for the spice.

Do dogs benefit from turmeric too?

All of this is great news for you, but what about your best friend? Do the benefits of turmeric translate for four legs.

The consensus seems to be yes. The possible benefits of this spice are believed to apply to your pets too. There’s still plenty of research to be done, but so far it looks very promising. So what are benefits for dogs?

Turmeric in your Dog’s Diet: When and How

So how do you make the most of this tangy temptation?

Many owners are beginning to use turmeric as a preventative health measure, usually as a supplement of some kind or another. Across the internet, there’s no end of paste recipes and capsules for sale.

However, for us, you’re losing out on turmeric’s most exciting benefits, its flavour.

For us, this exciting spice should be a part of every dog’s diet, simply because they’ll love it. The easiest, most delicious and fun way to get turmeric into your dog is in their food. Who doesn’t love a tasty meal?

That’s why we’ve added it to all of our foods because its flavour works so well with everything from lamb to chicken and beyond. Like with your own food, turmeric adds a distinctive tang and can make your best friends dinner a little more exciting.

Get Some

So if you want a simple way to add turmeric to your dog’s diet, why not try one of our Grain free or Superfood dog foods, they all contain turmeric and plenty more. Or to get you started your dog would love our taster pack, which includes our Welsh Chicken with pea and mint to try along with some other delicious and healthy doggy treats.

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